tower zip round trip

2-zip Rides over 800 ft

canyon crossing zip ride

Nearly 1/4 mile across!



& what to wear

summer  hours 2017

 6-days a week

9 am-6 pm-Tuesday - saturday 

Sunday 10am-6 pm

*weather permitting



Nearly a quarter of a mile  Zip Line crossing of the "Grand Canyon of  Texas".  Spectacular scenery, low physical impact and ...,

New for the spring of 2017. This experience allows you a chance to "see what your getting into"  Two big zip lines over 800 ft  each off our multi tower.  Start here before you combine your visit with the "Canyon Crossing"

camp ground

   Event center

  "Sing-a-long" fire pit

Rappelling is an exciting climbing skill using ropes and specialized equipment as a means of safe and controlled descent on a vertical or challenging ....


& bouldering

1/2 day experience

More than an adventure park.  Come and go camping with us.  Slow down and enjoy your recent emotional and physical achievement...

We have adventures designed for one year old babies up to seniors in their 90's all  harnesses rated for 5.000 lbs our heaviest riders are not to exceed 350 lbs