Your safety is our number one priority.  Everything we do revolves around customer safety first and foremost.  All safety precautions at the adventure park revolve around the practice of redundancy,  accountability and training. 

redundancy:  a system of back-up measures, procedures and equipment.

accountability:  All employees are accountable to each other as well as a system.

training:  All of our employees undergo intensive initial and on-going training to insure safe practices.


You will notice immediately notice our structure is unlike the original zipline concept of cable tied to trees or telephone poles.  Our structures are engineered steel.

It all started with a geologist to determine safe location.  A certified geo-technical assessment of the sub surface.  Certified and Engineered steel construction designs.  All welding and fabrication is done by certified technicians.  Our cable and brake system was professionally installed by ACCT certified vendors.  Inspections and insurance requirements exceed U.S., State and local government requirements.


Our cable is compiled from 9 bundles of 21 individual cable strands.  it is rated at 26,500 lbs tensile strength however our spool was lab tested to exceed 29000 pounds prior to failure.  Our harnesses are built and tested to meet or exceed OSHA requirements.  Certified to hold loads of 5,000 lbs.  The TROLLEY is fabricated to exceed a safe working load of 18,000 lbs. 

So you can realize a 300lb rider has little chance of causing or experiencing  an equipment or construction failure of any kind. 

Still have concerns?  contact us at info@palodurozip.com