The "big Zip"

canyon crossing                  zip line ride: (Approximately 1 hour)

It all begins with a complete outfit of safety equipment including a harness rated to support 5,000 lbs.  Your equipment is fitted and checked a total of three times during your experience.

Next we load all participants into our jeep/wagon for a 10- 15 minute scenic off road ride to the Zip Line Launch tower there you will:

Ascend 2 separate swinging sky bridges (165 ft).  Stop along the way at our observation/transition tower located on the canyon rim with a view of the canyon floor 469' below!

Our launch tower is the safest in the industry with 3 redundant safety measures to insure complete attachment and safety prior to launch.

Next side by side "wire flight" nearly a quarter of a mile across the canyon. 

We pick you up at the landing zone and drive you back to the parking lot. 

*Continue that adrenaline rush, race another or explore mobility techniques! make your zip ride a "triple zip" once  you are outfitted simply remain on the course, ride the jeep back to the top and "keep on zippin" the triple zip is our BEST VALUE!!

"A Zip line like no other..."  What makes your experience amazing is the natural beauty and breathtaking scenery.  From your zip ride you are able to see for miles of what is the second largest canyon in the United States. "The Grand Canyon of Texas"